Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunny side up

So, I guess putting up my blog address for all to see, now means I should get jiggy with it and write something remotely interesting on here from time to time...

So, what's on my mind?

Well, it's been the weirdest week I've had in a long long time...and the saddest week at that.
The day before yesterday my little 2 year old kitty was found dead in somebody's garden.
And today's the anniversary of my dad's death. 
But what you guys don't know is that the cat is sort of symbolic towards the latter.
Today would've been her birthday....and a few months from now, on my dad's birthday was the day I took her home, 2 years ago.
I knew both of them for just 2 years, and they both died very young...
I dunno...
Yes, very....

But for sure another eye opener on how life's wayyyyy too short, and can end at any given time.
You don't need to be a 89 year old to go into that endless of slumbers.
It could happen today.
This is why I believe in savoring life, in enjoying every minute of it.
Wallowing in self pity, I cant's and it has no sense' far from constructive.
You gotta grab life by its balls and squeeze out everything you can.
Nobody wants to look back and think "what if"...
Follow your heart, follow your's the best thing you can do...

And so I live with the sunny side up.
Even if I too can be utterly cynical and negative about stuff (hey, dude, I'm human!).
Crap happens, after all...

But it never lasts...



maw said...

Was so sorry to hear about your kitty. So sad to lose a great pet, especially with the link to other people and memories.

Great that you can still look to the positive though.

Galilea Galilei said...

Thanks girrl!
Yes, its a toughie...but, life moves on and you've gotta ride the wave, even if it's bumpy from time to time..