Friday, August 20, 2010


Once tried licking the tears off the world's face.
They tasted salty. And confused.
So I made crazy faces, to cheer it up.
And borrowed some of the sun's rays.

Now we're playing Parcheesi in somebody's garden...and it's smiling cuz the pieces look like M&M's....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've posted blogs before about seeing the beauty of small things and I'm a firm spokesperson for seeing the positive.
But even tho I myself think this way, and choose to share my views in the hope to make others see things in a brighter way, it really rocked my world to hear Henry Rollins verbalize it so well when I saw him perform his spoken word show recently.

I think it particularly touched me because it was amidst of vast mounts of humor, fantastically described imagery and logic.
It was like coming home for some reason.

Especially when I saw how the audience *got* what he was saying.
A small victory for those who believe in change towards the better, for those who see how all humans are equal and that treating people like shit doesn't solve anything.
For those who don't believe in hatred based on race, religion or sexual attraction.
In a world that keeps getting harder and harder and in which people's prejudices are flaring up like the forest fires that are currently attacking the vicinity of Los Angeles, it's good to hear people voice the complete opposite.
Especially if they're people that are in the public eye and that have the power to reach many.

Borders are a figment of our communal imagination.
Which is why I rejoice over the fact that the borders in Europe are slowly but steadily fading.
We live in the world, people.
And so, as world citizens we should accept each other for what we are and for who we are.
I'm sick and tired of racism and prejudices against immigrants.
People seem to forget that most nations are actually built thanks to immigrants, as they all do the jobs that the general population thinks they're too good for.

There's no "Us" and "Them", there's just "Us".

And the sooner everybody realizes this, the sooner we can shove wars under the carpet and coexist. Love, after all, is a far more pleasant feeling than hate. And far more constructive at that.

So yeah.
When somebody climbs up on stage and amidst of hilarious stories about embarrassing moments, strange encounters and other crazy situations, takes the time to share similar views with the world, and seeks to enlighten it, then that makes my heart skip a beat.
Because speaking out is key.

So, here I am saying to you: please please don't just listen to what you get spoon-fed by your local media, it's just a tiny selection of what's really happening out in the world. Open your eyes to what's going on around you. And to who is standing next to you. Learn. And most importantly, don't let other people's fears brainwash you into thinking the world is evil and out to get you.
Because fear never built anything.
Hope did.