Wednesday, December 16, 2009


He looked at her as she scratched her nose, and the wind played with an unruly lock of her hair.
She smelled like the sun on a shimmering ocean.
And light.

He closed his eyes, trying to capture her essence,
as people passed them on the boardwalk.
Their footsteps merging with the waves beating against
the wooden poles on which it was perched.
Voices merged with the seagulls that drifted in the ocean air
like white paper planes.

They sat there for a while, eyes closed.
Breeze softly caressing their skin.
Sounds and smells merging.

Suddenly he felt an empty space on the bench beside him.
He opened his eyes as her skirt brushed against his leg when she passed him.
Fighting the urge to touch it, or maybe even grab it,
he watched it flutter in the wind, and the soft material contrast with his rough jeans.

For a split second their worlds merged.
Then she was a mere speck on the boardwalk.
One among many.
He smiled and slowly turned back, facing the ocean.

A seagull floated in the air before him, it's little orange legs dangling
helplessly beneath the grace of it's wings.
He couldn't suppress a roar of laughter....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Honest Scrap Blogger Award

So...I was awarded a blog award of sorts...
The so called "Honest Scrap Blogger Award"

This by lovely @Angpang through her blog INCENSE AND PEPPERMINTS

However, my forfeit after receiving such a prestigious and lustrous award, is that I have to share 10 things with you.
Now, I must say I'm not a huge fan of these sort of things, as I prefer sharing my stuff at my own pace, more than being asked to. But, as I also do not shun from a challenge I hereby share those 10 things with the world.

9 things that are true...and one that is a lie...

1) I can roll my tongue up into a sausage shape. Not massively interesting, but from what I understand genetically predestined...which means that not everybody can "sausage" their tongues...I can...

2) When I was about 6 or 7 I had some bookshelves above my bed. One night, however, I managed to pull those loose, thus being buried under books, games, shelving, marble jars and whatnot. Suffices to say I'm not a big fan of shelves above beds anymore.

3) I hate, hate hate chicory. Why, do people eat that disgusting bitter leavage?

4) Had a secret crush on River Phoenix when I was a kid. Not only cuz I thought he was hawt, but also cuz I thought he was an amazing actor. Cried silently in my room for weeks when he died.

5) When I was about 5 years old I was in a Spaghetti Western. This was my first ever real acting experience. It was in the Spanish desert close to Almeria: they had built this Western town in the middle of it and my parents and I went there as tourists to look around (my folks knew I would love it, as I'd been declaring I wanted to be an actress since I was about 4, and rightfully so; I loved the Western town). But as it happens they were shooting some scenes in part of the Western town that day. So this lady asked my mum if I could be in it cuz they needed a kid for a scene. I got dressed into a Western-style dress and had to walk over to the bad guy and pull on his trousers, while I pretended to cry cuz I had lost my mommy. It was super weird to do this, I remember, but also a lot of fun!
And afterwards the lady gave me some fake dollars to play with, which I still have...somewhere...

6) When I was 10, my upstairs neighbor and I were best friends. He was my age and had a massive LEGO table that I envied ginormously. However tempting the LEGO was tho, we played outside a great deal. And at some point had come to believe that the garage in the street behind ours was building bombs to blow up the neighborhood. We'd go on reconnaissance trips to said garage to spy on the people working there and have lengthy discussions afterwards as to how we could save the neighborhood. At some point I even remember telling my folks over dinner about this scary shite, but (naturally) they wouldn't listen. So...we planned an attack.
I'd found some tampons in my mother's cabinet, and was sure it was dynamite sticks.
No idea why it didn't surprise me that my mom had dynamite sticks in her cabinet, but they sure came in handy...
So..we went to the garage, armed with tampons and matches...set some tampons alight and threw them into the garage (we were hidden behind a car, of course...secret agents we were)
What a day it must've been for those guys: working on a car, when suddenly...dozens of burning tampons get hurled at you...hahahahah

7) My maths teacher tried to help me with my exams during high-school. He had been harassing me for years, telling me I sucked at it, that I would never get my diploma, that I would flunk cuz of matths... And then, suddenly, come crunch time: he started whispering stuff to me...while there was an inspector in the room. I told him to shove it, and that I didn't need his help. And I didn't...asshole...

8) I have a shitload of music at much so, that my computer was getting borked because of it, so I had to result to buying an external drive to put the music on. My computer's much happier, but it's annoying not having all the tracks in my I'm still looking for a way around this...

9) My name is Basque. The Basque country used to be a separate country located in what is now the north of Spain and south of France. It was completely isolated from Spain & France thanks to the mountains surrounding it. And kept its independence until in the 1800's it became a part of Spain & France, still, however, keeping its language, laws and culture. After the Spanish civil war, however, General Franco (the dictator who came to power) forbad any Basque activities, and also the usage of the language. Basque names were out of the question, and Basque law and traditions were forbidden. After he died Spain slowly gave back the Basques their identity, and now Basque is mandatory in the Basque regions, and they have their own government and police, within Spain.
Of course the history is far more complicated than this, and it's still in turmoil, but this is it in a nutshell.
Basque is a language on its own, just like Keltic and Latin...
It's not derived from anything, and studies have shown it's ancient.
In fact, my name: Itxaso, means "Sea" in Basque... In Spanish this would be "Mar", and in French "Mer". doesn't look like Spanish at all...

10) I have a turquoise star tattooed on my left wrist

So...there you have it... 9 truths, and one falsehood...

And with is MY turn to choose my Honest Scrap Award Winners...

I have a select few, because I simply don't read a gazillion million I think it's nice to choose a select few...

So here goes (click on names to be directed to blogs!):

I nominate the 5 people that follow my blog:

And...I would nominate Angela Montague...had she not been said person who nominated me first...

Would therefore also wish to nominate:


All of which are also lovely tweeps!!

Congratulations folks!!
I pass the stick to you....


Oh, and the official rules I'm deviating from are:

a. 'The Honest Scrap Blogger Award' must be shared.
b. The recipient has to tell 10 (true) things about themselves that no one else knows.
3. The recipient has to pass on the award to 10 more bloggers.
d. Those 10 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them.

Paper Cut

Copy machines whirr in the background
Muffled telephone conversations
Ringing phones
Bad coffee in styrofoam cups

Warm blood
Gushes from the wound in her thumb
Dripping onto her blue t-shirt
She looks down at it
The blood makes strange patterns
That change
With every drop that's added

People around her
Rush to help
Trying to stop the bleeding
Thinking she must be in pain
"Are you ok?!"
They scream

"But why?", she thinks
"It's just a paper cut"
She suppresses a chuckle
Pretends to be part of
The grey agony squad
Thankful for some

In reality
She likes the changing blood pattern
On her t-shirt
They give color
To the dark, grey office

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Repost: The Laughing Heart

Just saw that I accidentally deleted this blog post from a few months back...
So here it is again: