Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lurking Lurks

No matter where you are in the world,
there's always men lurking on street corners.
And there's always street corners for men to lurk on.

Some cities seem to be purposely built for lurking.
Like they've made lurking a local gold medal sport.
Do they time their lurks, I wonder?
Do they plan them?
Or does it just pop up; "hmm, think I might go lurk tonite"

Lurkers come in all ages, sizes and heights.
There's midget lurkers, and giant lurkers.
Lurkers with long overcoats.
Lurkers with cigarettes.
Lurkers that whisper dirty somethings when you pass.
Lurkers that glare silently.
There's even lurkers shivering in the rain.

Girls don't lurk tho, they wait.