Wednesday, December 16, 2009


He looked at her as she scratched her nose, and the wind played with an unruly lock of her hair.
She smelled like the sun on a shimmering ocean.
And light.

He closed his eyes, trying to capture her essence,
as people passed them on the boardwalk.
Their footsteps merging with the waves beating against
the wooden poles on which it was perched.
Voices merged with the seagulls that drifted in the ocean air
like white paper planes.

They sat there for a while, eyes closed.
Breeze softly caressing their skin.
Sounds and smells merging.

Suddenly he felt an empty space on the bench beside him.
He opened his eyes as her skirt brushed against his leg when she passed him.
Fighting the urge to touch it, or maybe even grab it,
he watched it flutter in the wind, and the soft material contrast with his rough jeans.

For a split second their worlds merged.
Then she was a mere speck on the boardwalk.
One among many.
He smiled and slowly turned back, facing the ocean.

A seagull floated in the air before him, it's little orange legs dangling
helplessly beneath the grace of it's wings.
He couldn't suppress a roar of laughter....

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