Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Split second dreams

For about two seconds there was a tweet.

"Will life someday catch up to dreams, for a split second?"

And then it was gone.
I deleted it.

I tweeted that, but as soon as I did, I realized that it was a complex question to ask, because it gets answered every day in everybody's life.

Almost impalpable tiny moments of contact between that what you dream about and that what we consider the real world flash by, like the rushed heartbeat of a mouse.
Before you're aware of it, it's already flown past, making way for the stuff you didn't ask for.
But it's in those tiny moments that you can find magic.
Magic we were aware about when we were kids, but that has moved aside for the realities of adulthood.

The one moment you finally got that blue gum-ball you've been craving all day, the squeak of crisp leather in new shoes, hearing from a far away friend...magic.

Cuz when I talk about dreams, I don't necessarily mean the dreams of ambition and wild life changes (altho they too find connecting moments, paired with great outbursts of utter joy), but (also) the tiny ones that pop up in your head while you're busy doing other things...
The little flashes of thoughts and minute cravings and yearnings that form in daydreams.
And I guess when you lose contact with those dreams and those tiny moments go by completely unnoticed, that's when you tend to feel depressed and disconnected to yourself...
Something that happens all too often, unfortunately.

So, next time you feel the bubble wrap pop under your fingers, while you unwrap a package for your boss, or when you feel a soft breeze tickle your nose while you're waiting for your bus, or a friend sends you a surprise message while you're at the photocopier,
take notice...
Cuz they're small pockets of joy and beauty...and deserve some attention and love.

Beauty is in little things, after all...


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