Saturday, May 16, 2009

Snippet #1

Small snippet of the "script" I'm currently writing...


She looks at the falling snow.
Feeling strangely melancholy...
How can thoughts and feelings get so intertwined?
She takes a bite out of her tuna sandwich and listens to the muted sounds of the city.
For a moment closing her eyes, while the tuna gets mauled by her molars.
Feeling the pieces of bread and fish slide down her throat.

Chet Baker blows his tunes softly out of her living room speakers.

Everything seems cushioned by the white flakes falling from the sky.
Even her thoughts are muffled.
She sighs and presses her forehead against the cold pane of glass.
The cold damp window presses against her skin.
A drop flows down over her forehead, cheek and jaw until it falls into the nothingness between her and the window sill. 

"I have to remember to get some milk", she thinks

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