Saturday, May 16, 2009

Snippet #3

And anther one...
(Yes, told ya it's a dark shabang! Teh script does have comical notes in there somewhere tho....just a little...hehe)


Purple days... 

Purple days rattle in my soul, like karaoke dancing langoustines. 

I see a face in the mirror, but I'm unsure whether it's me. 

Each speck, pore and wrinkle seems to belong to somebody else. 
Somebody I don't know. 
Yet they seem to think it IS me. 
...little do they know... 

How can they? 
They still believe everything's paved in gold. 
They see sculls covered in diamonds and think death is beautiful. 
...well maybe it is... 
...maybe it's me who has lost the plot... 

I'm wearing a clown face, after all... 
Who does that?? 

Shit, I feel like such a fraud!! 

She looks at herself in the mirror. 
A heavily painted face looks back at her. 
Slowly she raises her right hand and streaks her face. 
The immaculately painted make-up gets smeared in one long colourful streak. 
Half her face is immaculate, half is smeared. 

Then the door opens...

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