Saturday, May 16, 2009

Snippet #2

And so....another snippet of that which I'm writing...(sexier one)


-I want to tackle you. Throw you down on a wet mattress and have my way with you. Hard.-

She looks at him defiantly, a smile on her red painted lips.
He looks back confused, trying to find a escape route, but he has to pass her to get away.

-Chaz...I...I...heheh...I didn't mean it like that! I mean...I was just joking!-

-Were you? Well I'm not.-

She approaches him threateningly, slowly unzipping the front of her tight body suit.

-Look. I don't really want to sleep with you, ok? I was just kidding, teasing you a little. Hey, I'm a guy, that's what guys do!-

-Well, what can I say...I liked the proposition. I've wanted this to happen for a long long time now. So get ready to deliver what you promised me....-

-No, listen I...I w...

She moves closer and closer to him, still unzipping slowly.


He seems really scared now, his body in full escape mode.
She pretends she doesn't see and approaches him until she's standing only a few centimetres from him and looks into his face, close enough so he can feel her breath on him. She lowers the upper part of her body suit until her bare shoulders are visible.
He looks nervous, curious, slightly tempted but at the same time not very happy about the situation.
There's definitely some inner struggle going on in him...he doesn't seem to know whether he should accept or decline the offer.
His hands move towards her bare skin but hesitates.

Suddenly he bolts and runs out the door as soon as he reaches it.
She looks at him calmly, dresses her shoulders again and turns around as she zips her body suit up again.
She smiles and walks over to the mirror.

-No more sexist jokes in front of your friends for you, you fucker.-

She looks at herself in the mirror and sighs.

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