Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fire it up!

The best thing about those moments when you feel stuck betwixt a rock and a pretty solid wall (see my previous post), is that walls tumble down and behind the wall there tends to be a whole new ballpark to frolic in.

Frolicking in new ballparks is awesome!
It brings with it a new sense of freedom, joy and determination.
So, yes: I did grab that bull by the cojones!
From that moment of frustration grew a need to not only make the best out of the situation, but to also further develop myself, my knowledge, my skills...and...ultimately, to refocus my life.

Up until that moment it had been all about me; my transformation, my growth, reconnecting with who I really am and finding my inner strength as well as building some muscles on my physique.
But on that pivotal moment I realized that now that I was this changed person, the situation in itself wasn't what I needed to focus big of a deal as it was in my life (and still is), in the whole shceme of things its not that important. No, the focus lay in that I HAD in fact changed, and that it became clear to me that I really wanted to share that change with other people. Because ultimately, through it, I can possibly make a difference in their lives, and help them figure out THEIR way towards being that person they need to be.
And so, I embarked on a life-changing journey, beyond my personal one, towards what I want to focus my growth on: becoming a life-coach/personal-trainer.

I've experienced first-hand the interconnection between body and mind, and so I can't disconnect the two, when I think of myself as a coach. Mens sana in corpore sano!

And so far it's been fantastic!
The moment I made that decision, and totally without sharing it with anybody (I was still shaping the idea in my mind), people who needed some support started finding me. Some only needed a listening ear and some encouraging words, others wanted help figuring out home-exercises or a push to begin exercising altogether, or inspiration and refocus to start taking steps towards reaching their goals.
It was like I had opened a door, and they had found it.
The fact that they did has brought me far more joy and energy than I could even imagine when I embarked on this new journey.

There is nothing like seeing someone blossom; realizing their potential; getting stronger; seeing the brightness around them and finding new beauty in their lives.
With every step they take, I take one with them, and the world around me fills itself with more and more specs of stardust and happiness.
Happy people are beautiful people.
And I want nothing more than to see all those amazing people be who they truly are, embracing life, and filling it with love and joy.

Meanwhile I'm filling my rucksack of usable knowledge with new items to use, such as a study of the human anatomy, neuro linguistic programming, and more courses and study to follow. Because ultimately I would like to turn this into something I can truly work with. I'm loving every step of the way, and all the insights I'm gaining. My brain overflows with new information, and I feel like a kid in a candystore: more more mooreeee!


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