Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall cityscape

Massively windy day.
Am in a being blown away kinda mood.
Only thing missing is a wild ocean:

foamy waves breaking on rocks, filling the stormy air with salty droplets...

Coat heavy with salty water, wet hair swooshing in every direction, bright moon and stars above.

Sand sticking to boots, heavy with ocean spray.
Lips tasting of salty air.

In reality:

Little tornado's of golden leaves swirl among the swaying x-massy lit trees.
While thickly wrapped people make their way bowing to the wind.

Trees sigh, whisper and moan.
Eyes water.
Streets shimmer in darkness...

A multitude of dark shadows flicker & play with graffitied brick walls.
Caressing them softly as they pass.

A lone forgotten skateboard stands among the leaves.
Dreaming of a passenger it can carry on its withered back...

The wind sways the long hairs of a dog, turning it into a black hair mass, fighting nature's harsh breath.

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