Friday, September 4, 2009

Prelude to a rainstorm

Like a deserted island, the gallery stands barren.
As outside clouds pack together to create a watery curtain.

Loudly flapping marquees and flags, mark the coming of stormwinds.
As do swaying cyclists and girls with ruffled hair.

A tiny dog shivers, and seeks refuge behind its owners legs.
While its hair blows in the wind, as were it skydiving from a plane.

Above it, the clouds form a dark pack in the once blue sky.
Minute drops start their long journey towards the ground.
Splashing down at irregular intervals.

Umbrellas are no match for what's to come....

1 comment:

Aero said...


If all weather reports were delivered like this, we wouldn't mind the rain so much.

Of this I'm certain :)