Wednesday, September 9, 2009


She scratched her shoulder & looked out at the downpour.
It had been raining for over a week.
Bored she sat down on her sofa, turning on the TV with her remote.
Her TV had been disconnected.
"Great, just what I needed", she said glumly, turning the TV off again.
She looked around her at her uncommonly neat living room and let out a sigh.
It seemed like nothingness had crept in and left her lifeless & bored.

"So this is what they call 'nothingness' in The Never Ending Story", she thought to herself.
Closing her eyes, she envisioned how bits of her living room were slowly dissolving into an empty void.
"Hey, will ya cut that out!"
The voice in her head startled her.
Opening her eyes she looked around her bewildered.
Had she really heard a voice?
Was she already turning into a crazy cat lady at the age of 32?
She shook her head.
Nah, it must 've been her imagination....

"Exactly! It IS your imagination! What the hell did ya think I was, huh? Ya couch?"
Freaked out she jumped off the couch, looking underneath it in a reflex, just like she did when she was a kid. Nothing there of course.
"What the f....?!"
"Jebus, it's THAT bad, huh?!"

"Who the hell IS that?!"
"Just told ya, I'm your imagination, dumbass"

"It can't be..." she mumbled, looking around her full of suspicion...had somebody placed a camera and speakers there? Was she part of a prank?
"George? Is that you? You're not being funny!"
"Gawd, you really ARE brain dead, aren't cha?"

"Will you CUT THAT OUT!! Whoever you are!"
"I can't, sugar. I'm in your head. Well part of me anyways, the last remainin' snippet of me. Yo been a real dull lady lately, ya know! So I thought I'd give a signal o' life."

"Yeah, well I don't appreciate that! -Goddamnit I'm going bonkers-"
"Neh, not nuts, in fact, you're not nuts ENOUGH. Not anymore..."

"Well, what the hell do you want from me?"
"Geez, do I have to draw it out for ya? No wonder... I'm talkin' to ya, cuz ya gots ta take action, before it's too late!"

"Too late? Too late for what??"
"Before ya turn into a boring old sod, without any imagination. Before I gets to move out n find another home. And THAT I don't appreciate, missy!"

"What the FUCK?!"
"HEY!! Foul language won't help ya no mo! I ain't no easily intimidated so n' so, I'm your friggin' imagination, so deal with it!"

"Bloody h..."
"EH! What did I just say to ya?!"

"So...what 'cha gonna do about this little situation, we gots goin' here?"

"How the hell should I know? YOU'RE the one approaching me? I was just minding my own bloody beeswax!"
"Yeah, and letting in the 'nothingness' in the process, miss bright light."

"Listen, if you want me to do something for you, IF I say. You've got to stop calling ME names!"
"Alright, comprendo. I's just annoyed 's all. Ya gots ta do somethin' quick, fo realz!"

"Right. Anything to get you out of my brain."
"I'm ALWAYS gonna be in yo brain, always ha..."

"Whatever. So, how do we do this?"
"How the frack do I know? I'm yo imagination, but you 'se got to put me to work, not the other way round..."

She looked around her trying to find something that would help her & make the voice stop talking to her.
Suddenly she remembered how, as a kid, she used to make cartoon-like drawings.
She grabbed a notebook and a pen and sat down on the sofa.

"That's bitchin, girrl!"
"Shh...let me think....hmmm....mabye something to do with a princess or something?"

"Not very imaginative but it might work, it's kinda' dull with no color tho."
"Well it will HAVE to do!"

After drawing a complex drawing with a princess on a horse, in front of a castle that's on fire, while the prince is somewhere laying next to a lake talking to a giant frog with bunny ears.
She sighed a sigh of relief.
There....that had to do it...

"Meh, sorry, chica. Still a big void here, it's kinda' cold too by the way. Speed it up, will ya?!"

Suddenly she had an idea...
She jumped behind her computer and started writing.

"Hey, you 'se writing 'bout me!"
"You've got THAT right!"

Like a ferocious predator she attacked her keyboard and wrote.
Suddenly the heaviness that had been upon her all day vanished, and she felt much more energized. Her boredom, she noted, was gone.
But so was the voice....

"Hello? Are you still there?"


She looked at what she had just written, and realized her imagination had just been unplugged once again.

"You dirty little bastard....", she said, and smiled....

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maw said...

I really enjoy that. Great stuff!