Wednesday, August 8, 2012

...but it ain't nothin' without a woman or girl

I've never spectacularly landed a probe on Mars that looks like Wall-e, but I do know this....

There's women and then there's girls.
Some girls are women from the moment they look down and see there's two pea-sized bumps under their Powerpuff Girls shirt. And some girls stay girls, even if they're 95 years old, have 36 grandchildren, one on the way, 12 great grandchildren, two dogs and a canary.

Mia Farrow, she's a girl.
Brooke Shields, she's a woman.
Natalie Portman is a girl, altho she has a dash of woman, but the girl is dominant so: girl.
Marilyn Monroe, was a woman.

It's a strange phenomenon that's very hard to pinpoint, because what is it exactly that makes a girl a girl and a woman a woman.
In the olden days people used to say "ah, if you give birth, then you're a woman".
But are you?
Are you really?

In my opinion being a woman or a girl doesn't have anything to do with giving birth, nor with crows-feet, nor with grey hair, menopause, how fat or skinny you are, if you're wearing heels or not,  or whether you're trotting behind a zimmerframe.
It's, I dunno...a vibe, a certain je ne sais quoi.

I'm definitely a girl.
Not because I'm immature or stupid (well, ok, sometimes, but then; who isn't?! Live a little!).
It's because when I get up in the morning my hair doesn't look like it's been delicately windswept by a storybook sea-breeze into a nonchalant yet charming coiffure. Because even if I put on a super glamorous dress and Jimmy Choos I look a little goofy. Because I'm the kind of girl who sits at a bus stop and all the old people snuggle up against me and tell me about their poodles and their collection crocheted finger caps. Because even when I'm 95 I'll still be watching Batman movies and wearing sneakers (altho I could do that if I was a woman too...but...putting it out there anyways)
It suits me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, next time you're on a bus, staring at the passengers eye the people of the female persuasion and try to figure out: "Is that lady with the brand new cat litter box, a women, or a girl?"
And if you are one: what would you consider yourself to be? (^_-)

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