Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More o' dat!

I've recently come to the realization that for some nutty reason I always manage to view "the" movie I need to see in a particular time or place.
This mainly occurs when I go to the movies alone, and when I'm some sort of inner turmoil, be it because of rumblings, writers-block, the shaping moment of brilliant ideas...or life changing situations and journeys.
It's especially poignant because I go to the movies A LOT.
Seriously, if it were up to me I'd do film marathons every other day.
That's because films are sorta my brainfood, I guess...films and music.
(yeah, you've seen me blip like a maniac, you know what I mean)

But that doesn't mean that every mouthful of film or music I devour leave a lasting impression...
At least not one that I consider to be ultra-inspiring and boosting and..."oh my gawd I needed to see that movie!"
Needless to say, after I saw Drive earlier this evening, I just HAD to walk home (took me little over an hour) with some pumping music on my headphones, while in my head I glued words together and composed scenes.
After which I ran to my computer at home and wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote....well, you get the drift...
I could seriously just kiss that movie...
There's so much lushness about it that I can't even begin to explain it without getting mush, overly excited in more ways than one, and ultra analytical, so I won't.
Also Beginners was beautifully wonderful in so many other ways...

I've already written blogs and a myriad of tweets about some of the movies that made a lasting impression, others I've kept to myself. But I'm very happy to report that although the world is in crisis, and there's horrible things going on out there, that there's still films being made that inspire, that boost, that touch, that delight, that

More o' dat!

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