Monday, September 27, 2010

Can you the can can?

So...I thought I'd blog you a true story, because this is a story that comes to mind often, and I feel is kinda crucial for peeps to know about...

Jup, it's THAT kinda story....

Here goes:

A few years ago, my cousin and a group of friends organized a cozy beach barbecue.
Everybody brought tons of food, there was music, and even a campfire.
They had a total blast for a few hours...then...things started to go wrong....

People started to feel really really sick, that after a few attempts at helping the sick to feel better, the party moved to the emergency ward of the nearest hospital.
However....the doctors had great difficulty figuring out what made them feel so sick.
So, they instructed the ones that weren't sick, to bring in as much of the food that they had consumed at the barbecue, in order for them to check it for germs and whatever.
This they did.
The meat, the salads, the bread, everything was checked.
And everything turned out fine.

The doctors were baffled.
What had made all those people super sick?
Why didn't any of the medicine they tried on them work?
And why the hell were they getting sicker by the minute?

Then, a nurse suggested to look at the packed goods like the beer, wine, soda & etc.
Everything was checked, and again....nothing...

As a last desperate attempt they decided to take samples of the outside of the packing materials.
Maybe there had been a problem there?

There was a problem alright.

What they found was;
that a couple of six-packs of beer-cans had rat urine residue on them...
Apparently they had been stored in a space where rats had roamed free, and used the cans as their little playground, and then those cans were shelved in the store to sell them to the public.
The urine had dried up, but the bacteria and viruses that were in that rat pee were still very much alive.
So when people drank from the beer-can, they ingested the dried up pee, together with all the nasties that had been in it...

Thankfully, however; knowing what had caused all those people to feel sick, they quickly provided them with a cure. A cure that would take weeks to fully take effect. But at least it was manageable.

Morale of the story: ALWAYS clean your cans of soda or beer before you drink from them.

Cuz, you never know who partied on top of them the night before....

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