Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost your dog?

"Hey pssst, psssst tssk tut tut tut"

Oftentimes when I pass a man on the street, and even more often when I pass a pack of men, such sounds get hurled to me with hushed voices or, if they're in a pack, loudly for all to hear.

Interestingly enough they don't expect any reaction from the female they make funny noises to.
I mean; they'd prefer a smile, but an angry "leave me alone you perving asshole" face, seems to be preferred as it evokes even more commentary, and when travelling in packs that is the way to go.

So, my question is:


Some of the sounds emitted are of the kind people generally make towards their pets.
A lot of whistling and smacking noises seem to be all the rage.

Once I turned around, faced a pack of dudes who had just made dog hailing type sounds and said; "Did you loose your dog?"
They were shocked, looked at me in utter confusion and seemed to be frozen to the spot.
So much for taking action.

The German who whispered French sweet nothings in my ear on the packed dance floor of a Finnish disco and thought I wouldn't understand him, probably still stands there with confused glare, after I told him off in French and said he was boring me. "Dude, I'm sorry but you're SO lamo *yawn*"

Do they REALLY think it's attractive?
Do they expect us to hurl ourselves into their arms swooning and smiling?
Do they think we'll say "oh come home with me tiger and show me all corners of my bedroom"
Is it EVER successful?
Don't get me wrong; I love guys, you rock my world.
But WHY this shite?

Yeah, if your sweetie says those things to you, in a making out session, or whilst doing the dishes, sparks ignite. And wild action may follow. But that's the lover, the one you WANT to hear sweet nothings from.
The stranger on the street...not so much...

I guess it's better than the man who crossed me in the street a few years back, and just made a grab at my lower regions in passing, and no, not my ass...
He laughed loudly and walked away after I successfully blocked his had with mine.
I turned around tho, ran after him and gave him the hardest shin kick he has probably ever felt.
He screamed of pain as he grabbed his painful leg, which I used to give him a kick on the ass.
He fell to the ground in a pile of dogshit, as I walked away...

I guess he found his lost dog after all...

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