Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Garlic Breath

(Story I wrote wayyy back, while I was in dramaschool...go figure...funny to read back, for sure...hehehe N-joy!)


"I have no idea", she said to her friend, while she popped another lemon drop into her mouth.
Those Greek Kebabs had been delicious, but they had left her breath smelling so heavily of garlic that she was afraid the people around her would faint into a coma as soon as she breathed with her mouth open.

She felt a rush of exitement run through her body.
The nex one on stage would be HIM.

In the last play he was in he had played a Greek God....
Of course he had!
You could grate cheese on his abs!

How she longed to see him perform tonight!
She had endured one hour of comical, stipid, bad, interesting and so so performances....only for this moment.
She could feel time ticking away as she waited.
Somewhere down there, in the dark, HE waited to make his entrance.
She sighed softly, and in a reflex put her hand before her mouth to smell her breath....
Yup, total garlic frenzy...but now mixed with the sour smell of so called "lemon".
She suddered.
"I guess I'll just have to keep my mouth shut untill I can buy some gum" she tought.

To keep her mind off her breath and the upcoming events, she thought back to when she first met HIM. It had been months ago...about a week into the school year, in the bar everybody went to after school.
All the girls in her class had been exited when he entered...he was very popular and a celebrity too.
She looked him over, he looked alright...bit too slick for her liking, bit too perfect.
"That guy's as shallow as that dog bowl near the door", she tought as she took another sip from her drink. During most of the night she ignored him, as large flocks of giggely girls surrounded him and fought for his attention......then they turned up the music volume...
Soon she found herself dancing on a table enclosed by HIM and his best friend.
They laughed, bumped into eachother and sang along with the music.
After a few songs HE bought his two dancing parners (her and his best friend) drinks and started a conversation with great dismey of the giggling hordes who felt left out.
They talked all night, they talked untill the bar was closed, they talked outside, they talked and talked and talked, untill it was so late that it was REALLY time to go home.
Then they walked homeward, still talking, untill he had to turn left and she had to continue straight ahead. He kissed her on the cheek and wished her a good night....and that was it...she was hooked...

...for months he had been the only thing on her mind.
He had haunted her dreams, her fantasies her daily life....everywhere she went she would see him.
And now he was going to perform!

She nudged her friend who made a whooting sound and winked at her.
Turing her face crimson...
She tought everybody would know about it, about her thoughts, about their secret looks in the canteen, about how they softly brushed against eachother in the hallways when nobody was looking, and about her longing to drag him into a dark corner and kiss him passionately while the rest of the school went on minding their own business.
But they didn't.
Nobody really cared about her thoughts.
Everybody was anticipating his appearance...then......the lighs went on...

...there HE was....lying naked in a bathtub!!!!
Her eyes almost popped out of her sockets, her heart skipped a beat, she gasped at the sight of his wet, naked body.....and so did the rest of the school.
Everywhere around her people were shifting in their seats, trying to get a sneak peek under the foamy water.
The whole audience was concentrated on one thing alone...
...nobody cared about the story he performed, or his character...
...everybody wanted more...

Then the scene stopped and the lights turned off for a second.

The audience broke into extatic cheers and wolf whistles, people stood up...a great roaring mass of voices, clapping and cheering....everybody ignoring his fellow actors and staring at the naked man in the tub.

He waved shyly and motioned for everybody to stop and to go (it was halftime so there was a break of 20 minutes sceduled).
But nobody moved a muscle.

She sat herself back into her seat, and looked at him calmly...then their eyes met and he shot her a helpless look.
"He's mine" she thought and laughed loudly...garlic breath 'n all....

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