Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Theatre is a strange thing.
Unlike film or tv it's only there for a brief moment, you can smell it, taste it, feel it, and then,  just as quickly as it appeared on stage...pooof!
It's gone.
Months of tension, rehearsals, discussions, stress, laughter....gone...

I always find myself feeling slightly melancholy and happy at the same time, when it's time for a play to go on stage.
For, it's what we've worked hard on to create.
It's a labor of love containing galleons of blood, sweat, tears, joy and elbow grease.
Yet, I know that the moment will be short lived, for in a few days the play will cease to exist.
And will be nothing but a fleeting memory and some photos/images on a DVD registration.

Why then do I submit myself to this painful torture of good-bye, every single time?

Because the moment it IS there. 
The moment it's alive. 
The moment you can feel it, touch it, taste it...that moment...
Is the best moment you can live, ever!

The experience of directing and writing it can only be surpassed by experiencing it firsthand while performing on stage. When you're the vessel that makes the audiences live the story & for a moment you're somebody else living it as if it were true.

The buzz of the audience.
The joy of entertaining a venue full of people.
The creation of a different world up on stage, and taking the audience on a journey through the lives of the fictional characters on it, that for a moment are as real as the seats they're sitting on...

It's absolute bliss....

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