Friday, September 5, 2008


I was at the bakery this morning, and as I watched the bakery lady cutting the bread in the loaf cutting machine, I couldn't help but think:
Aren't we all in a way loafs of bread?

Not that we're all created out of flour and yeast, but in a metaphorical sense...

We are all loafs of bread, that consist of layers and layers of slices, all tucked together. 
For the onlooker a loaf, but deep inside; sliced.
Some slices you share with the world, or with a small group of people, your loved ones for instance. The other slices are there, but invisible for everybody but yourself.

The complexity of humans is something that strikes me time after time.
Just when you think you know people, out pops a new layer that you were unaware of.
And what's worse...sometimes....when you think you know yourself, a new layer resurfaces...

Layering isn't a bad thing.
In a way it protects us from harm.
Making sure our inner core remains solid and untouched.
With every experience we have the outer layers create more protection, as others crumble under the pressure. However, the layers can also merge into a solid loaf, which can create an extra protective seal.

Yet, remaining a loaf full-time also prevents other people to see the layers.
And keeps us isolated.

I guess the key is not to turn into a mount of slices...nor into a full loaf...but to remain a loaf with slices on top.

(did I mention this bread is darn tasty?)




LottieP said...

...and in the end we're all toast?

Galilea Galilei said...

No not toast, but definitely a sliced loaf of bread...
Multi-layered, and with new insights with every slice...